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In this video: Patrick Burke (Philadelphia), Brian Burke (Toronto), Rick Nash (Columbus), Duncan Keith (Chicago), Brian Boyle (New York), Matt Moulson (New York Islanders), Joffrey Lupul (Toronto), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia), Daniel Alfredsson (Ottawa), Scott Hartnell (Philadelphia), Corey Perry (Anaheim), Andy Greene (New Jersey), Dion Phaneuf (Toronto), Henrik Lundqvist (New York).

(stick-taps to Broadstreet Hockey)

I cried, this is so beautiful.  I’m so proud of all of the players who are speaking out.  

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    For those unaware, the You Can Play Project was started by Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke and his son...
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    I dunno. The NHL has arguably been open to letting women play (goalie Manon Rheaume played in the IHL and in a pair of...
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    reblogging myself for clarity: they do talk about how players shouldn’t be judged on the basis of sexual orientation,...
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    Tears. Forming. My eyes. Brian Burke sitting there all serious, but still looking vulnerable makes me sad.
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    I just emailed the director and the president of the youth hockey organization I played for in high school about this. I...
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