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This may be one of the most compelling arguments for having kids I’ve seen yet.

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So it’s been a little more than a week since my glorious return from the San Diego International Comic Convention, where I saw cool things, met cool people, and learned that “Hell” is another word for “being on the SDCC exhibit floor in a wheelchair.” I also contracted a horrific cold, and have…


One of the most frustrating aspects of this report is the role of “neutrality” — especially in light of the criticism MIT makes of the prosecutors reported in the post below.

"Neutrality" is one of those empty words that somehow has achieved sacred and context-free acceptance — like…


The MIT report (PDF) on the Aaron Swartz case is out. I am going to take some time to study it and understand it more fully. I’m away with my family and won’t be commenting on the report now, beyond the following:

The report says that MIT never told the prosecutor that Aaron’s access was…


New NSFW content restrictions enrage Tumblr users


Tumblr users have always had the option of marking their account as NSFW, and since around 10% of Tumblr is porn, people were generally pretty good at labelling their blogs.

However, under Tumblr’s


Last night was the 2013 MLB All-Star game. Ah, America’s past time! Who doesn’t love a good baseball game? And what better way to open up America’s game then with a heartfelt rendition of ‘God Bless America’?

And…wait, a minute. Who is this guy coming out to sing God Bless AMERICA?






dying omfg

Best & most hilarious post to come across my Tumblr dashboard in about a month. Love it. You go, girl!

Now the Zimmerman trial is over I guess Cable News will focus on all the black youths murdered in Chicago this year oh wait Royal baby watch!!!
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Perfect! Need one of these for Conference III


These men are all terrorists. None of them are Muslim. None of them were labelled ‘terrorists’ by the mainstream media, who instead chose to use the terms ‘mentally ill’, ‘shooter’, ‘killer’ and other names much tamer than that normally reserved for Muslim perpetrators.

1. James Holmes: Aurora cinema shooting, 2012.
Death count: 24

2. Adam Lanza: Sandy Hook kindergarten shooting, 2012.
Death count: 27 (excluding himself)

3. Anders Breivik: Oslo shooting, 2011.
Death count: 77

4. James von Brunn: Holocaust Memorial shooting, 2009.
Death count: 1

The final one shares the same death toll as the recent Woolwich murder. Yet why, in both articles (and in all articles listed in this post regarding all of these perpetrators) is the word ‘terrorist’ never once mentioned? Whereas the Woolwich murderer, who is Muslim but linked with no violent organisation, was instantly labelled a terrorist and sparked strong anti-immigration protests in the UK.

I smell an absurd double standard.

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